I have never used or even seen that Mitsubishi utility you speak of for convergence. This would indicate to me that the internal curvature and corresponding extra glass is partially responsible for the bleeding of light. I was implying what you tried to describe eviserate, but I had not thought about it enough to workout exactly how this effect might be created. Oct 9, 3. The Belkin Gold sucks. The presense of a DVI-I connector is not of great importance to me.

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The problem is you cannot tell the difference from the outside, so all pin to pin cables get a bum rap. Laptops nitsubishi Caitlin Petrakovitz Nov 25, Many times in the past I have given other brands kudos and pointed people a different direction than my own personal opinion.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro u, Continued – Comparison: Seven 21″ and 22″ CRT Monitors

After firing it up I was impressed by how it compared to even today’s LCDs. I was thumbing through the service manual a bit and thought that I might find something concerning the horizontal sync.

In order to RMA the monitor to techonweb, I faced shipping chargers and possibly a restocking fee. Submit a new text post.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u NF – CRT monitor – 22″

It’s so sharp that it actually hurts my eyes to look at the scanlined p image – the scanlines are so thick and black! Sat Dec 15, 9: These monitors in order of purchase include: If you want the GeForce 3 Ti you would have to go out and get and 20660u it yourself. If it weren’t for their immense size and weight they’d probably still be widely in use.


You really have to probe around the flyback to pinpoint the exact source though. If people are asking about technology in general I give them what information I feel is the best for that situation.

Cornerstone C Page 6: The difference is I handle the more technical sales for the West Coast not the rank and file sales that happen day to day. I welcome any such corrections as I would not want to provide erroneous information. I have noticed that when viewing these internally curved monitors from an angle, I can actually see the original image deep beneath the surface and the surface image seems to be a projection of the inside one.

Sat Dec 15, When they receive it, they take the hold off of my credit card. I don’t know if I can talk them into letting me swap it, but it could be worth a try.

NEC u CRT Monitor | eBay

It’s on their site somewhere, I assume. Then again, stranger things have happened. Or even worse, it could take away from sales in this most competative of markets. Cornerstone C Page 6: Nov 29, Posts: There are no switches or any similar devices in use.


I think UPS just mishandled mine. But the most surprising thing is that all the adjustment options can be accessed via the software in Windows, as with some of the Eizo monitors. Unfortunately this is all of the time I have but I will pop in and talk about ghosting.

My 19″ displays are in focus across the whole display, so I don’t think that’s a normal mitxubishi of AG tubes. It is present at ALL resolutions and is not the graphics card as I have tried 3 different ones including a Matrox G Did you also experience mitsbuishi like the picture width being a bit unstable or varying a bit? Probably not wise to ship this monster, so local pickup only mitwubishi the northeast Dallas, TX area.

ViewSonic Pf Page I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with yours.