I found the 15 minutes charge to be very useful when managing the job Buying Format see all. I thought the led lighting was a bit gimmicky at first but as the sun came down, having the light on target helped in lining up the screw and bit. During a day of medium hard use, I swap batteries a few times. Continue this procedure on all of the connections until the old switch is free.

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Restaurant Equipment Parts Brands. This lowers the tools weight but makes it less durable in that area where usually gets hit and scratched when working in tight narrow spots.

Makita Cordless Impact Driver : Cordless Drill Reviews And Ratings

The tool is versatile and can accept older version 18V cordelss. Make a note of the location of all of the wires on the switch. Stop by your local Radio Shack store and they can set you up with everything you need. I found the 15 minutes charge bdt142 be very useful when managing the job Makita provides a 3 year warranty on all of their handheld tools including the BTD! Millions of Parts From Top Brands.

Apply the heated soldering iron to the braid. After the battery cooled down we slid the battery into the Makita smart charger and timed 24 minutes from a drained out battery to a fully charged one. The use of smaller lighter batteries helps bring the impact driver to a feather weight but sacrifices the work time of the tool — thankfully the smart charger brings the battery back to life very fast and when having an additional battery the short work time is no issue.


I bought new batteries and it still does not have the power it use too.

My makita impact BTD has a bad brake. Tool only, includes belt clip. Skip to main content.

I took it apart and cleaned out all the dust inside the housing. See All 46 Restaurant Equipment Brands. The new switch is part It also describes information tools available at eReplacementParts. The iron will heat the connection through the braid and when the solder becomes warm enough it will wick into the braid.

Where To BuyThis makita cordless impact driver? This Makita cordless impact driver will drive screws and bolts into anything you can find, and if you need to bury screw heads so the surface is flush, you can do it with ease, WITHOUT striping the threads! I’m starting to get the smell of burning motor from impact driver. The tool balance with the small battery packs is excellent and its light weight allows you to work hours without fatigue.


Coffee Parts Presto Parts. The directional switch is too close to the trigger finger, constantly being unintentionally bumped to the off position center or the opposite direction. Buying just the bare tool is a great option if you already have a 18V Makita kit. The switch will need to be replaced to make the repair. Find Part By Symptom Choose a symptom to view parts that fix it.


Repeat this procedure for the rest of the connections.

Makita BTD142 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Parts

So ckrdless I need both or just the one and when I order how do you know what I need? This thing is light weight, For most of the jobs I do, I don’t need the added power of the larger units and the lighter weight and size makes it more manageable and controlled.

In their corsless to make an affordable, comfortable, light weight impact driver Makita sacrificed in our opinion the strength and durability of the tool by using less metal and more plastic materials. This tool is worn from use. You will need to desolder the old switch and then solder the new one in. During our battery life test we checked how many hex bolts the impact driver can place in a plank of wood on a single charge.