I whole-heartedly do not feel like reposting any of this and would greatly appreciate it if people read the discussion before commenting on it. There is a combination of proof and logical assumptions included. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. He is dead, but his spirit is alive, loool. Of particular relevance here are the Geass Memories Yeah lol I kinda figured Lelouch was alive when I saw that ending. She says according to the subs shown that geass the power of kings leaves people in solitude and also sais that that is not entirly true ending with a question aimed towards lelouch.

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Lelouch is lier an manipulator, so why wouldn’t he stay like that untill the very end? Quoting from this blog post:.

What you’re doing is just online harassment. I admit I haven’t kept up with the spin-off mangas and OVA, but I really don’t see how Lelouch is considered a fictional twin.

It’s ambiguous and everyone can make of it whatever he wants. In reference to the citation made wagoj the October Newtype, taking Okouchi’s statements to mean that the ending is meant to be ambiguous is a misinterpretation.

Talk:Lelouch Lamperouge

Several stories end with the central character living on; it’s only the story that ended not necessarily the life. I have really bad memory.


As the poster above has pointed out, it is a fact that there is a controversey surrounding the “he is dead” point of view as being the only acceptable one. I can’t trust that post. Lelouxh traspassed his memories to Nunally before “die” Also, stop trying to pin happy or tragic or anything like that to the interpretation.

Talk:Lelouch Lamperouge – Wikipedia

WOW the creators are saying that lelouch is dead cause they dont want to make another llelouch. With that said, I believe that Lelouch is alive somewhere, or, in fact, could have been the one driving the wagon. Remember when Nunnally and Sayoko were up there? I believe that this establishes that there’s a pretty strong opinion that Lelouch is, in some form or another, dead. That alone hints that the scenario above is logically the best case.

In fact, for what its worth, I’m sure he is at the very least not to pull that card out let alone WAVE it around. As a matter of fact, I’d be heavily willing to bet that a lot of the translated information on the Geass wiki pages comes from their translations. Readers should be allowed to form their own opinions. WikiProject Anime and manga anime and manga articles.

The Real Ending to Code Geass

His goal was a better world for nunally at pelouch, then for all the people of the world. Let people edit Lelouch’s page. C who was trying to find love for over years and finally did only to have him taken away.


And as far as those ‘clues’ go, it’s all WP: This article has been reviewed for compliance with the WikiProject’s B-Class criteria: The ending was beautiful anyways. Personally I feel it is irrelevant who exactly collaborated, all what matters are the official statements themselves. Code Geass R3 was confirmed but with different characters so Lelouch won’t be llelouch anyway.

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She used to look up when she was talking to Marianne, so justifiably, it could be said that Lelouch is in spirit form somewhere. Big difference, definite ending. C wish the producers said he real name, along with what the girl said before the group of people charged out to free the prisoners.

We don’t yet know if he was always alive or if he is currently dead but somehow returns to life. Plus, no evidence has been provided conclusively and I mean conclusively, not implied showing the Lelouch is still alive, or even possesses a Code.

She’s happy, and he accomplished what he wanted to do.