My Compaq Presario C touch pad does not wok. Again, I think this is the motherboard failure. I believe it may just be the leads for the Wifi antenna, but perhaps not. Occasionally, when the adapter is plugged in there will be a short buzz when I press the power button, but nothing else. I have tested the ac adapter and battery and they are okay. When I pluged it all back in it was taking a charge beautifully.

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Let me know if you ever get to the hardcore stuff.

Replace it with a new one. I just thought you should know this.

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Who could know the memory sitting well would cause a laptop to look like it had lost the motherboard!! I tried turns on again. You said the screen displays horizontal lines on the bottom part.

I do not have a clue now what to do. I know I sound like I know but really thing I got this one for you…. Sharp Laptop Drivers 33 models. hhasee

It may happen sooner or later between 1 min to hours after boot. THe last week before this total failure, I had a number of times the computer would be fine and suddenly a blue screen would flash and the computer would reboot before I could read it.


Voltage regulators on the board can also be a cause. How stupid i am: The laptop will start properly when the failed module removed. Will it turn on when you push on the power button?

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This description sounds like a software related problem. I started it up and the hard drive made 2 booting noises and then stopped but the screen never lit up. If external screen appears to hxsee good and the problem shows up only on the laptop screen, most likely the graphics card works problem.

But nothing turns on.

Took out the memory, and other easily removable externals. If both test fine, try reinstalling Windows from scratch.

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Reseating the ram did not work, If the motherboard is fried would it still recieve power and show you that the ac adaptor is connected? AKS, When u say your compaq laptop works fine for a few days and suddenly dies do u mean it doesnt startup or crashes all of a sudden??? Sometimes, the computer is hank and the screen is flawad sometimes.


If you have two RAM modules installed, try removing them one by one. Tried resetting sond ram, external monitor, pulling the battery, and a number of other things. Simptop is the same: Upward pressure on the dc jack enable it to boot normally. If you have two modules, try removing them one by one. It is already broken a year ago and I have tried to ask the benq service centre about this problem.

I have several laptop — different make, but problem appears to be the same: This is a common problem with HP NC, you could try this to confirm a motherboard problem. I took out the board and connected on external monitor with good memory modulereplaced cpu, power adapter is hase no other component is connected.

Press it again and nothing happens. I dropped water on my laptop and everything works fine now except for the crackling noise emanating from my speakers.