There is a 4-in-1 card reader which is nice if your camera uses any of the media supported. Also has anyone tried this driver? I had downloaded these from you before after reading through the thread. The 3 USB ports are all on the left side and the Ethernet connection is on the right side which is annoying. But thats all I know about the drivers thus far. Soooo it maybe for the ram or something, maybe duel processors?

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Resource requirements are ridiculous! You could live with the 1 GB, but you may not be totally pleased. I’m starting to lose it here.

Does it feel significantly faster? Anyway, Gateway was nice enough to offer free repair and even pays for postage. Jdesants, Can you please let me know where and how I can get those drivers.

I had some blue screen issues with Vista and to date have not had 1 blue screen with XP. So I re-installed Vista Balanced mode is basically medium settings across the board. Just so you know you guys made me sign up to reply to you and this is probably going to be my only post No I never got the topdog wireless card to work. If you have any other questions I will monitor this page for a few more days.


XP Drivers for a Gateway w/Vista? – Microsoft: Windows XP Pro – Tek-Tips

Gareway don’t go messing with it unless you know what it is, or you are ready to reinstall that windows XP and start all over again I reinstalled Vista from the included disc, and it’s definitely a lot faster without all the Gateway stuff clogging it up Everything is snappy and smooth.

The speed seems good. Okay, I have all the correct drivers now, no more 3rd party solutions. I think that overall I got a good deal on the laptop. PDA and Blackberry keep most of us in touch with work without the bulky laptop riding the train, yet less productive than laptop with which sales are on the rise because they are priced competitively.

I too have had the Vista pains and decided to go back to XP. Go to ht tp: You got sound working yet? Jul 30, Gateway MT Notebook. With introduction of Windows Vista early this year, we are seeing more laptops being offered at prices lower than ever. The alum covered lid does not do much on the thermal side; it does make it look better and ressists scratch over plastic. Jul 20, Gateway MT Notebook.


A few weeks ago, one of our forum members pointed out the Notebook Hardware Control offers a free version to tweak down CPU voltage. Downgraded from Vista to XP. He doesn’t have to go to the toilet while waiting for Vista to boot up and being nagged constantly by Vista virus and bugs.

According to comparison results the T with integrated graphics in the Gateway performed just slightly worse than the Toshiba Tecra M6 with a 1. Enable the built-in Administrator from Local Users and Groups.

Gateway MT3705 Vista Notebook Review

To make the story short, BIOS was flashed, all was okay. Posted by jnah99 on Apr 10, I imagen that if I could get a specific list of ,t3705 the hardware is in this computer, finding XP drivers shouldn’t be all to hard.

The other stuff McAffee, Napster, BigFix, Etc was taking up too many system resources and slowing things down, especially during start up, so I removed them manually without doing the clean install.