That is normal la bro.. Jul 9 , Aug 26 , So not sure the brightness is still there. I’ll said 3 months. While consumer don’t have a reading but just said “bright” or “not bright”.

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Thats not the consumer’s lde right?! I mostly point out to those seller only tell the watt as brightness which is wrong and lead to consumer believe watt as brightness. But don’t too techincal to understand.

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Wee Wang Wang Group: Just like cars, even the car lifespan will be more than 10 years, but the warranty only 3 years. Unfortunately my dimmer is embedded into the original house. Don’t know if it is driver issue or chip issue.

Jul 5 The led comes in shapes, sizes, designs? Led have sharp glare, and can damage eye. Now my another new house is ready, I’m not sure if dimmable LED is a good idea. Hi, really not technically sound on this topic.


Evenxo they are able to give 3yrs warranty. The arguing is continue Aug 3 Sorry bang for the confusion; I meant lumen and not lux. Come with 3year warranty.


Do you deal in East Malaysia as well? Normally I will sapu all if I can find.

Show posts by this member only Post 2. Yes, thats why furniture layout is important, you see if you measure lux at the edge of the wall, you reading will suckespecially next to cabinet usually we design base on the usable area, not the whole room with same lux we can design that with addition MR16 to light up those area, but its all down to budget well, CFL you need reflector, LED not much use of the reflector degree, unless your bulb is a degree bulb then yes, with some reflector it will be useful.

Those seller never tell the truth and just simply quote from the book. Aug 5 Jul 7 My purpose is see what is my number lux that I can accept comfortly.

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But how bright is bright? Look at all my stars!! If you got a brand new un-used LED put it on and measure.


Show posts by this member only Post 7. I always curious how the china made LED light perform. Some branded manufacturer do have this kind of warranty but not those rojak brand. It is for testing the reliable which Evenzk don’t trust much on LED at the moment. I know my testing is not accurate. Quality stuff need leed pay. If using cfl can achieve the consistent lux in high area, vs using led that need additional mr16 which can damage eyes.

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