Message 3 of 4. I think you may have to develop a driver yourself. Here is what I tried also which did not work either. Most Active Hardware Boards: COuld you please help me with this? LabVIEW snapshot is also attached.

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how to use ELMO motion control device with LABVIEW – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

You can also pabview at this link if you want to make a full driver and submit it to idnet. Most Active Software Boards: COuld you please help me with this? I am going to use a Bassoon servo drive from Elmo Motion Control to control a voice coil. Can’t Find a Specific Drive Plug-in?

I also suggest you post all this information on the forum, so that we may be able to help you with more specific details. Thank you for replying.

If the drive you are working with does not have a SDI Plug-in yet, we want to know! I took a quick look and it seems like you will have to send commands like: Contact your local NI Sales Representative here. Everytime you use the VISA Write, the ascii values are written on the serial ,abview and transmitted to your device.


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Motion Control and Motor Drives

Motion Control and Motor Drives. You can learn more about NI SoftMotion here. Have a great day. Proulx National Instruments www. So, I added the new slave device to the project. VI Package Manager must be installed to install plug-ins. COuld you kindly help me? Who is an NI Drive Partner? National Instruments provides a unified command framework called the SoftMotion Drive Interface as a solution to this issue.

Hello JMJ, There is no driver for this instrument on our instrument driver page.

Message 1 of 4. Or does the mode status register have to be changed?

How to connect the 73xx inhibit and command signal outputs to third party dr Thanks for the help. Message 3 of 4. Message 3 of 4. Back to Top 2. Motion Control and Motor Drives. Message 4 of 4. If I don’t write an Instrument Drive will I have limited capabilities? You can look at this tutorial for developping a complete instrument driver.


What I am looking for is some general guidance to get me started; point me in the correct direction so I can get rolling. The most useful appeared to be the following: Only the single-axis variant of each drive is supported.

With NI SoftMotion, you can use a LabVIEW project to configure all of your motion axis settings, test your configuration, tune your motors, and quickly integrate custom motion control into your application.