LAN to determine the initial link state of the bound adapters without delay. For optimum fault tolerance and recovery operations, the BASP. Please read all restrictions and disclaimers. LACP defaults to active for all adapters in the team. To restore a saved configuration, perform the following: Active adapters are listed in the Installed Adapters window. This minimizes the downtime due to spanning tree loop determination when failing over.

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The Standby Member field is used baspp permit the selection of one of the team members to handle traffic, should all members in the Load Balance Member list fail failover. When team configuration has been correctly performed, one Virtual Team adapter driver will be created for each configured team. LiveLink is supported for SLB teams only.

To utilize this method:. After you confirm that there is connectivity, type the ifconfig down command to bring down the interface. When configuring teaming, you must designate at least one adapter as a primary team member. Versions Version Distribution 7. Attempting to run baspcfg as a standard user returns the following error message:. To restore a saved configuration, perform the following: The format should be qq.


Sample script of GEC team with three adapters. Right-click on the node of Load Balance tree to display a nasp menu that is associated with the selected servr type. Load the network drivers for the adapters on the team with all the frame types specified in step 1. Each frame type loaded in step 1 needs to be loaded only once for each network driver, even if it is loaded multiple times with different VLAN IDs in step 1.

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This field presents the estimated cable length in meters by averaging all four channels using Return Loss algorithms. The number of consecutively missed responses from a LiveLink probe target before a failover is triggered.

The user can select Unassign to remove the selected adapter from the team or Properties to display the adapter Properties. Broadcom Advanced Server Program is released in 2 packaging formats: After one or more adapters are bound to a virtual adapter, additional frame types can only be loaded in the virtual adapter if the corresponding frame types are also loaded in the bound adapters. Configure the Team IP address if necessary.


Which countries install it? Unique IP address to be used by each adapter when LiveLink is enabled.

Allowable values are 1, bbasp, 5, 10, This screen displays all virtual adapter settings and statistics. What percent of users and experts removed it? The file names for the 2 packages are basplnx- version. If not all the virtual network interfaces are configured with an IP address, an error in starting the BASP team results.

Click the OK button. The team and all its assigned adapters will be removed from the team list. LAN driver must be version 2.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite

As shown below, it contains both adapter and team configuration information. MIB file, which is on your installation CD. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to configure another adapter. The other VLANs are automatically bound. Balance Modes and Limitations.