Attach an Ethernet cable to the port you chose. Two Sun Gigabit Ethernet bge0 and bge1 interfaces are on one controller and two bge2 and bge3 are on another controller. Additional Ethernet interfaces or connections to other network types are available by installing the appropriate PCI interface cards. Additional features may be provided via value-add firmware updates. Usually an interface host name is based on the system host name.

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You can also install a pair of identical PCI network interface cards, or add a single card that provides an interface identical to one of the two on-board Ethernet interfaces. To Configure Additional Network Interfaces. You cannot ping or connect to a virtual machine from a remote computer. After completing this procedure, the primary network interface is ready for operation.

The system’s on-board interfaces can be configured for redundancy, or an additional network interface card can serve as a redundant network interface for one of the system’s on-board interfaces.

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Please contact your server OEM if you need a driver that is specific to your server. You must complete this task in the following section. The network adapter seems to be working in the virtual machine.


You need to furnish the IP address in a later brladcom. Boot the OS, if it is not already running.

Each network device or interface must have a unique IP address. Locate the RJ twisted-pair Ethernet TPE connector for the appropriate Ethernet interface – the left top net0left bottom net1right top net2right bottom net3.

If you want to set up an additional network interface, you must configure it separately, after installing the OS. Perform the following tasks to prepare an additional network interface:.

Broadcom BCM5714 ethernet not recognized by 6.0-RELEASE

In addition, this configuration provides outbound data load balancing for increased performance. New Broadcmo – English. VMQ is enabled on a Hyper-V virtual switch only when the system is using gigabit or faster network adapters.

Determine the Internet Browdcom IP address for each new interface. Choose a network host name for each new interface. This chapter contains the following sections:.

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The driver configures the ports as slaves by default. This capability is known as automatic failover and must be configured at broaddom Solaris OS level. To ensure maximum redundancy, each on-board Ethernet interface resides on a different PCI bus. For example, for the interface eri0type:.


The driver supports the following media options: If you have problems establishing a connection between this system and your Ethernet hub, verify that the hub also has the link test function enabled.

See Locating Back Panel Features. 7514 network adapters are also sold under different model numbers by some server OEMs. This chapter describes how to manage network interfaces.

Broadcom Nextreme & Netlink Drivers Version WHQL

For more information on configuring this device, see ifconfig 8. To set up redundant network interfaces, you can enable automatic failover between the two similar interfaces using the IP Network Multipathing feature of the Solaris OS.

Note however the device only supports 574 single speed in TBI mode. Can cause system lockup problems on a small number of systems. It can consist only of alphanumeric characters and the dash. Connect the other end of the cable to the RJ outlet of the appropriate network device.