Datasheet CD Sample Images 1. Once connected to the TV, you can review images and movies or record them to video tape. Though the LCD menu is still required for some settings, overall camera operation is much faster and easier. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. The LCD itself is always active. Finally, we brought the camera to a development center and they told us we can simply insert the small disk in our computer in order to be able to view and print the photo!!! Capping it all off is a much more compact case design thanks in part to a 3x zoom lens, rather than the 10x zoom of the CD , and the much-improved user interface design we saw on the new DSC-S75 introduced last month.

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Does your camera appear as a drive in Windows Explorer? The huge benefit of CD-RW though, is that you can “unfinalize” and “format” discs, which respectively helps you save disk space when moving back and forth between camera mgc computer, and lets you reuse discs by wiping out all the previously captured images. Though the LCD menu is still required for some settings, overall camera operation is much faster and easier.

The net effect is a dramatic improvement in ergonomics and usability relative to Sony’s earlier designs. The Right Arrow button, marked with the macro flower symbol, enables and disables the camera’s Macro mode. Thus, aindows “RW” aspect of the CD’s discs has some constraints on it. It works best when the sun is directly overhead. While these are some of the best runtime numbers we’ve seen among digicams we’ve tested, we still always recommend users purchase and pack along a second battery. Of course, wineows the whizzy CD technology would be meaningless if the cameras didn’t perform up to par with other non-CD models on the market.


We are a general contractor. Personally, we didn’t see it as being an issue.

Digital Cameras – Sony Mavica CD Digital Camera Review

Noted on the Mode dial with the green camera symbol, Program mode places the camera in control of both the aperture and shutter speed settings, allowing you to set the remaining exposure variables White Balance, ISO, Exposure Compensation, Image Size, Picture Quality, Flash, and Normal or Spot Metering.

PSA should see it OK if it is visible as a drive. To make it easy for you to support us, here’s a URL you can visit, to see all our current advertisers, with links to click on that will register your visit to them as having come from our site. Go to original post. Sony Mavica CD Sony expands its CD-equipped camera line, adding erasability, buffer memory, and a more compact case!

Sony Mavica MVC-CD MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

Manufacturer Overview A little less than a year ago this is being written in late FebruarySony rocked the digital camera world with the introduction of the first CD-R-based digicam technology. Portrait mode uses a larger lens aperture setting to decrease the depth of field, keeping the subject in sharp focus, with the background slightly blurred.

Just behind the shutter button and underneath the Mode dial, this switch turns the camera on and off. If a movie file is displayed, pressing the center of the button triggers the movie playback.

YOU can help us though, by remembering us when it comes time to make your purchase. A set of filter threads just inside the lip of the barrel accommodates Sony’s line of accessory lens adapter kits.

When the LCD monitor is active, an information display reports the remaining battery power, CD-R capacity, flash status, and the number of available images, plus various exposure settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, image size, and quality. Red-Eye Reduction fires a small pre-flash to reduce the occurrence of red-eye effect in people pictures.


Individual movies can only be as long as allowed by the camera hardware, based on the MPEG-EX limits described earlier.

If used with a flash, this becomes a slow sync mode, capturing the illuminated subjects in the foreground with the flash, and using the longer shutter speed to record ambient light from the background.

Sony Mavica CD200

Images appear quickly as a low res version, then “fill-in” within a few seconds. Low Resolution x Manual focus is mvx average, a little faster than the CD, at 0.

Image Size options include 2, x 1, 2, x 1, 3: It’s my boss camera and he uses it on site visit for work. And that’s wiindows all.

Sony Mavica MVC CD200

This would be fine if an adapter were available to connect conventional strobes to the camera, but as far as we know, no such adapter exists, nor does Sony have plans to market one. Once connected to the TV, you can review images and movies or record them to video tape. Select a topic Reference: The Playback image information includes the file type movie or stillimage size, where the image falls in the Playback index, remaining CD-R capacity, file name, date and time the image was taken, and the remaining battery power.

Twilight mode adjusts the exposure to capture a bright subject in dark surroundings neon lights would be a good examplewithout washing out the color.