Coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment Fine Focus Precision: New Customer Account information E-mail Address: This opens the separate capture screen shown at ‘Image capture software’ below. Most features are self explanatory. At Burtons we know you have a choice to shop with us, that is why we always aim to delight our customers with a fast, easy, shopping experience.

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It shows some promise for ‘digiscoping’ although the limited dynamic range may not cope with contrasty scenes.

The main capture screen of the software is shown below. Motic Digital Microscope Solutions. They are anodised metal well machined and with attention to detail, e. Please note that this review refers to the model. We do not supply to private persons. This is an important reminder as measurements must be made on an moric capture of the same size as the calibration ‘sign name’ chosen otherwise massive errors will result. Selection of images Click each for master.


These cameras are also great for capturing images of objects too large for a microscope stage. For users with more efficient microscope lamps this may not be a factor. Unsure if Mac versions. Third party freeware like ‘ImageJ’ can micdoscope offer these sort of image analysis features although calibration would need to be manual.

Have you forgotten your password? Most features are self explanatory. Unretouched captures apart from resize. Write Your Own Review.

Digital Upright Microscope

A personal review of the Moticam digital microscope camera. View Virtual Catalog – English – gy Stills from a short avi were stacked but only applies to non live subjects.

Once ordered a member of our team will be in contact to keep you informed of estimated delivery dates. Capturing evenly lit images at these low mags is usually tricky on the author’s scope. A grey button bottom left allows full screen preview for larger preview settings.

A personal review of the Motic Moticam digital microscope camera.

This opens the separate capture screen shown at ‘Image capture software’ below. Masters are unretouched apart from bmp to jpeg. The dynamic range and sensitivity to light have been vastly improved since ‘.


Out of the box. The adaptor should sit flush on top of eyepiece before clamping. The ‘Accuracy’ option is the no. America website which states that it uses a 1. The image controls give you the capability to adjust the live image, allowing you to change the white balance and colour.

Semi-Plan Achromatic Focus Mechanism: The ‘Calibration Wizard’ then clearly instructs the user see example right. If you don’t get an e-mail with your access data, please make sure that you have already registered with us. JavaScript seems to be dihital in your browser.

Motic Digital Microscope BA Measurements of fine features such as diatom detail are possible e. Below is the full screen.