Had the same problem, but thank to you, it solved it. Saturday, February 23, 3: Friday, February 1, 6: It works on Asus too not only with code 39 problem but code 10 too. Sunday, February 22, 7: Is there another option available other than wiping the HD and starting over???

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I have the exact same problem as you do, except it Da Newbie’s cure worked for only a couple of weeks or so until it died a second time, and now I can’t use the drive at all, with no help from anyone, for months now! Ive had this problem before and couldnt find a solution so just formatted my drive. Can you help me? Thursday, November 13, 4: For all of those who has an Acer or similar and the registry modification did not work lower and upper filter deleted.


Monday, March 3, 1: Then Select Detect problems and apply the fixes for me Recommended. Friday, April 10, 6: Sunday, September 9, Wednesday, November 28, 1: Do you have a Toshbia?

Sure wish I’d found your post before uj-80s all that time and money. Monday, April 6, 9: Thursday, May 7, 8: And found a solution?

It showed an exclamation point in the device manager and when i staretd googling for drivers I ran across this thread. I wanted to try your way, but there are no UpperFilters or LowerFilters in my registry.

MATSHITA UJS Firmware Download

Oh yeah I am running Vista Basic. I am not sure which toshiba you have but mine has vista home premium also. Saturday, November 17, 6: Sunday, February 17, 3: Thanks for the excellent advice Da Nubie. My Toshiba Xs laptop running Windows 7 has strange symptoms. There is a list of “hotfixes” to the problem offered on the article, but none in english for a i platform!!! I’m one uj-840z the lucky ones. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Fortunately I found this pretty early on!!


MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-840S Firmware 1501 download

Wednesday, July 25, 4: Restart your computer and go to BIOS. Has anyone else noticed this?

How did you do it? Sunday, November 2, 1: On vista you will see a search bar at the bottom of the start menu, that is considered the run command, and search tool in vista.

Any help would be appreciated. Saturday, May 16, 2: Saturday, November 21, 5: My dvd drive is still coming and going when it is pleased.