It is easy to fiddle with mtkbabel source code to send your own commands to the unit. Recent firmware releases as of — are versions 1. The M can log GPS points for up to 12 hours with one alkaline AA cell recommended at room temperature, 10 hours at high temperature or 2 hours at low temperature. The online instructions are in hieroglyphics it is a nonsense flow chart. Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. LCD backlight even if very dim and small font display. The unit is very neatly packed.

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However, be sure to set your camera time to the same time as the GPS tracker before your start. If you select time, the Holux M will time stamp each GPS position, and then you are able to synchronize your digital camera with the camera date stamp on a photograph. There is no flashing LED which indicates signal reception.

Holux M Data Logger

The Holux M Handheld GPS logger provides users with an ideal set of tracking solutions contained within a small yet extremely rich package. For low use it can run over a year without any problems. There is a how-to, Holux M and Arch Linux Hplux onbut note that the gpsbabel command-line provided there is not correct anymore. Frequent activation of the backlight will shorten battery life. Still, I am grateful for the hint about the connectors on the little cap wearing out.


Holux Technology, Inc. | Download Center

There are reports of people managing to set the unit to log 5 points a second and lots of extra information, although 1 point per second is very good already and there should be no need for more. Retrieved from ” http: It makes a track from every time you switch on the device and you will get the waypoints.

Default holuc of speed is added, and the internal binary logging format is changed from 16 to 20 bytes per log point, to allow 4 bytes for the speed.

Use -t for download tracks, -w for waypoints. Directly playback track log on Google map.

The Holux M GPS is a compact and very lightweight tracker, making the device not only useful holud logging wildlife sightings or recording nature treks. As a result, alkaline batteries are recommended. It is easy to fiddle with mtkbabel source code to send your own commands to the unit.

Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. Firmware updates are available from the manufacturer: Being an airline Captain I use a couple of trackers to see my tracks and calculate savings on fuel when we get direct routings.

Holux M-241

For a source of ideas of what commands you can send, you can look into the BT source code. Even if Mtkbabel allows to set higher logging intervals 1 s, 1 mthe firmware seems to overwrite this with jolux settings from the menu. The setup is not real intuitive you need the cheat sheet in handbut after that, it’s switch it on and 214 start.


This item doesn’t belong on this page. You don’t have to use your M device with Bluetooth: The unit can either start logging automatically, or after pressing the start button.

Holux M-241 Handheld

I do recharge the battery via my USB cable, while I download the tracks. This firmware requires GPSBabel 1. I have no idea how to use this item.

See the Microsoft Windows section for general details. Size 82 x 53 x 23 mm NONE holix Pressing the Enter button logs the waypoint, and confirms it by briefly displaying a little flag icon in the bottom left corner.

It is easy to track people as well. Has an LCD disply, so one holus see realtime data. I didn’t have the time to play with it more and try to embed the geo coordinates into JPEGs.