Press any key to return. Warning If your system came equipped with an internal embedded wireless device, do not operate the wireless device unless all covers and shields are in place and the system is fully assembled. The accessories associated with this equipment are: Scroll Lock does not work with some programs. See “Multi-function buttons” on page 29 for the location of these keys. Battery power from a fully charged battery depletes in roughly a day with the computer in Standby mode or a month in Hibernation mode or when power is off. Moving with Your Notebook 74 www.

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The telephone company may request that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is resolved.

More than online courses are available from Learn Gateway. Changing a password To change a password, you have to first remove the password and then follow the instructions in “Setting a password” on page Warning J To reduce the risk of fire, use only No. Using simultaneous display Your notebook takes advantage of Windows multi-display capability, allowing you to gageway your notebook for presentation purposes.

To be certain of the number of devices vidoe may be connected to a line, as determined by the total RENs, contact the local telephone company.


CO m Specifications Read this chapter to learn about specifications for your notebook. Access context menu Click once. Gateway Connected music player.

Gateway Laptop Manuals

Modification to a wireless device will void the authorization to use it. Security slot A security slot located on the left side of your notebook lets you connect a Kensington-compatible notebook security lock. If it is crossed-out, click the icon and deselect the Mute option.

Recycle if at all possible. The plug on this cord will fit vvideo into a grounding-type outlet. So whatever is displayed in your notebook will likewise be displayed on the other external display. Whenever possible, use the AC adapter. Tutoring For help on using hardware or software that came with your Gateway notebook, contact Gateway’s fee-based tutorial hotline: For more information, see “Wireless communication” on page When the two devices are in position, begin the data transfer as you normally would.

Using Installed Programs and Utilities System software Your notebook comes preloaded with the following software: Press the power gatewwy 3 to turn on the power. To close the LCD panel, fold it down gently until the cover release latch clicks into place. Getting Familiar witli Your Notebook Ejecting the disc To eject the disc from the slot, press the eject button and wait for the drive to eject the disc. Plug a parallel device such as a printer into this port.


An extra 1 Save all necessary files. Plugging this modem into a digital phone line will damage the modem. You select the subject matter, and the learning format self-paced tutorials or virtual classroomsall from the comfort of your notebook.

There is a danger of explosion if the CMOS battery is replaced incorrectly. Contact Vireo for service. If you turn off your notebook and want to turn it on again, wait at least two seconds before turning it on.

See “Front” on page 10 for the location of the subwoofer. Warning I o Avoid packing items next to the top cover of your notebook. Plug amplified speakers or headphones into this jack.

Drivers & Downloads

Tap any key or open the LCD panel gatewag resume. To connect an external keyboard, plug the external keyboard into the USB port. See your peripheral device’s documentation for details.