That makes sense if uname -r thinks the kernel is 2. So maybe there are a number of different chip-sets out there? I’m working to rectify this as a matter of urgency, but progress is rather slow because an unrelated project is taking up almost all my time at the moment. I’m also getting the same compilation error as esurfer Can you help me? Of course, there may be other reasons which I have overlooked so far. Some websites mention that the xawtv output is de-interlaced with DC

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Usbb AFAICT the em28xx-new driver has no chance of working because it does not include support for the stk, and the stk11xx driver has no chance of capturing video because it does not know anything about the SAAX series of video capture devices.

I’ve never encountered the symptoms “5 seconds of good video, then testcard bars”.

Can you open a eqsycap as a regular user, and type gstreamer-properties, if thats installed, it should open a window with sound and video sources, and confirm that v4l2 or v4l1 is a valid source in the video tab under inputs for video. After a short time, the video stops updating and the green light then goes off.

ZM, but I must admit it was difficult, and the final result was not brilliant: There are many types of EasyCap mine are called EzCap and several different drivers, as you would have discovered from reading this thread.


However, neither tvtime nor camorama show picture or give sound. I don’t have much linux skills but I am a web developer maybe we can trade services?

Yes, a VCR should be fine – it’s what I used for all the development work. I took the hdd with ubuntu server Doing this in Windows with the software supplied with the Easycap results in really choppy video, like it’s dropping a lot of frames. This GUI makes the process nice and easy.

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Allocated frame buffer 2 at ffffcc Bestand of map bestaat niet compilation terminated. When I try the test scripts everything works now. I followed the instructions for getting the grub2 menu to reappear at boot time and selected the version 20 kernel – upon rebooting I installed the driver with no complaints.

If I mod the makefile to point explicitly to 2. Once the header problem is resolved the easycapdc60 driver should install okay. Ysb were hoping that these empia ones would be pain-free, but I guess not. Nothing was audible, and moreover the video was extremely jerky, with many dropped frames, when I used the second mplayer command above. I am not an expert on the Linux audio permutations, so I may be wrong.

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Sorry for the multi post but it hung than I can’t work out how to delete my extra posts. I have followed all the instructions here https: However, the application closes smoothly on user’s command.


I will be sure to report back with a report of success fasycap failure – and most likely more questions! Best of luck, your teaching me a few things along the way too: If I run uname -r I get – 2. Furthermore, I never get poor quality video – it’s either good or entirely absent. The solution then is to ot-128 the EasyCAP, run.

As a quicky, the videocams that I am using are ancient, and work best using your test. Now that the drivers ltp-128 installed, I still can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve tested video and audio input from all connectors. I tried this and after hours I finally seemed to compile it until the very last step So i’m not sure but i think they should be two different controller. Tried the mencoder line just copied it from your post and pasted in the. I tried 2 different devices. Let me know how it works out for you