The left side of the unit has an emergency reset button and a microphone. Each Dingoo A that I have received has shipped with the LCD screen facing towards the top of the box, with the only protection for the LCD screen being the documentation booklets. I found that a paper clip works best and recommend that users carry one along with their Dingoo. An improved version has also been released which allows for the over-clocking of the RAM as well. Many of the popular titles work just fine, and users should be able to keep a nice variety of working Genesis ROMs on their Dingoo A Game play is fluid and did not feel at all sluggish.

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A majority of what I tried did function as expected. Pressing the Right shoulder button will pause or un-pause the current music file. ROMs can be located anywhere on the internal or external storage media. Windows 2k and XP should recognize the China Chip drivers automatically. The system features an on-board radio and recording program. The initial release met with satisfactory results, some hardware imperfections, and minor firmware bugs.

Crank Gaming: Windows 7 and Ethernet over USB (for Dingoo a, WebOS, Android)

Design and Impressions The Dingoo A ships in a choice of wwindows or black shell colors. The following emulators are included by default: Fully charging the unit using the adapter takes around hours. All required applications can be downloaded from the following links. Users who find that they experience issues will need to execute pre-patched emulators and applications.


To make xingoo easier on the user the v1. As with the CPU there are no safe guards in place to protect overheating or damage which may come from over-clocking the RAM. I find that the smaller form factor of the Dingoo A requires me to use my pinky fingers as a support sindows. I could speculate on the reason some users receive cheaper batteries and any opinions would be counter productive to this review.

Registration is fast, simple, and absolutely free, so please, join our community today! Searching dinggoo an on-the-fly process, entering the character A into the box will list files that start with that character.

Dingoo A320 Review

The glossy finish picks up finger prints instantly and is impossible to keep clean. Highlighting any one file and pressing A will start the playback process, and the direction pad doubles as a navigation tool in this menu. Following an undocumented discussion, Dingoo Digital split as a company and team members went on to build Dingoo Technologies. LRC format and given the same name as their matching audio file. The Dingoo A English manual contains more information about the music player and its options.

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With the occasional issues aside, users can easily carry more than 1, working ROMs with them, from a variety of systems, at any one time. The default lite pack contains only the applications, emulators, and games, and does not contain the video and audio files. I couldn’t get mine to connect this morning either. djngoo


Instead the reader will find discussions about emulator performance, Dingoo A related support information, unit set-up guides, and additional offsite Dingoo A related URLs. Other instances may also arise which could result in a bricked Windwos. SIM emulators support an associated file system.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In all fairness, all 3 the problem units shipped from Deal Extreme, and the hell I suffered with their return policy made me accept the 3rd with its directional pad issues.

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This could have simply been a Wineows issue or fixed through a reformatting of the internal memory. Emulator and ROM compatibility and impressions have already been discussed. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

SmokeFox Jan 25, Game play is fluid and did not feel at all sluggish. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is mainly intended for use in embedded dongoo.