I have yet to check if both software raid and hardware raid was activated at the same time otherwise we might need to get new drives if the controller is not supporting the 1TB ones we bought. The reason I ask and I’m just throwing it out there is the 1tb drives I installed are set to 3. Run the driver installer file from a user account with administrative rights. It happened a few times and if i remember right in the end a firmware update on the CERC card stopped it happening again. Mostly RAID1, 5 and Or any other ideas?

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In the end, I moved the drive I intended as the system volume onto one of the motherboard SATA ports and went along my way with the install. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Tuesday, October 21, 7: You will probably almost certainly have to supply drivers during the initial graphical portion of del, reinstallation, since without drivers it’s unlikely that you will even be presented with the option for reinstallation at the appropriate point.

After the base OS is installed, you can recreate any partitions on the drives using Disk Management to match your original configuration before doing the restore.

Email required Address never cefc public. But it detects all 3 drives. I did try the Server drivers from the Dell website loaded onto a flash drive; no luck there.

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Any suggestions on how to get this controller working would be great. The time now is I have yet to check if both software raid and hardware raid was activated at the same time otherwise we might need to get new drives if the controller is not supporting the 1TB ones we dll. Hopefully though, someone has found a solution and can assist.


I finally gave in and opened a Dell support call.

DELL CERC SATA 1.5/6ch RAID Controller compatible with 1TB harddisks?

It only happens when transferring files TO the server. Raid5 for performance and reliability By zag in forum Windows. Also, any drivers required will need to be installed twice; once during the initial graphical portion of the setup, then again during the text-mode portion. Basically I was not stopped at the point of configuration and installation with my 1tb drives. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. If you wanted the card to perform, you needed to go grab the adaptec drivers and mod them to work very easily done.

Dell CERC SATA 1.5/6ch support?

Thank you for reporting this issue and we are sorry that we were not able to fix it before Fedora 24 is end of life. Follow the driver installation wizard, which will guide you; it should be pretty easy to follow. Login [x] Log in using an account from: The card is made by Adaptec, they may have had something. They were adamant it was the card I had ordered from the code number, finally they admitted that the dell website was wrong and took the card back and sent out the right one.


The driver installation wizard will confroller your PC and will install the right driver. That way I an always go back to a drive if I missed something.

I was hoping to leave drive bay 5 open and when I insert a large hard drive and it prompts me I choose backup and when done just pull the drive and put it in the safe?????

Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Then use the SBS CD1 to install just the base Windowsinstall service pack 2 which I presume you are at nowthen restore the entire server from your backup.

And you conntroller too if you ever had to work with it. Thanks for your post and links.

I can’t remember if the drivers I used came form Dell or from Adaptec. This site uses cookies.

I hate the Dell CERC SATA /6ch RAID Controller | TechnoGreg

Could you run a boot disc with some HD test utilities on it? So if you downloaded the newest drivers make sure you upgrade the Firmware as well. Saturday, December 22, 2: Basically would I better off jumpering the drives to “force” them into a 1.