Curt Michael of Ocean View, DE is looking for his third consecutive title and to be the first driver since the years when Glenn Fitzcharles dominated, to put a claim on the championship three-peat with URC. A season of more then thirty race dates fill the rich and lucrative schedule. Some may have predicted doom and failure, but that was not the case for this twenty-four year old who now makes his home in Lititz, PA. For Seidel, it was his twentieth career URC feature win. Rookie driver Davey Sammons moved into second on lap three with good company following as Dave Ely and Greg Coverdale were on a charge.

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Blane Heimbach, driving a sprint car won that event. Hammaker then was launched into a series of violent end-over-end flips and came to a rest along the outer concrete wall with Michaels spinning on three wheels also sliding into the wall backwards. URC Managing Members John and Cher Zimmerman and Bob and Donna Miller worked to develop this program to encourage drivers and owners to rub elbows with the public and get the word out about URC and the great drivers who make up this organization.

Michael was towed to the pits and did return to action, but he was one lap down.

The turning point of the race was now about to take place with Weibley on the point and Curt Michael in second. Michael, the defending URC Champion is now sitting on point of the coy,e long point chase, eyeing his third consecutive championship title victory. Last year the Pink Panther racing team won 2 feature events. Cogle lap sixteen, the leader was in lapped traffic and runner-up Greg Coverdale was on a charge.


Heading into the final turns to the checkered Michael dove to the bottom of turns three and four and was able to slide up in front of Hammaker as they exited coyls turn with the checkered flag waving. The first caution flag was displayed on lap four when Jason Clauss came to a stop.

Chris Coyle

At the halfway point, Williamson was the leader with Haggenbottom second and in a strong battle with Curt Michael. Coverdale now began to reel in Urx and with five laps to go, it was a two car xoyle for the lead. Lap after lap, Chris Coyle and Brooke Bowman ran side-by-side battling for the third spot in what very well was the best race of the night.

The URC left and right tire rule will be effect for this show. Although Pursell was credited with leading all twenty-five laps, Ely did manage to nose ahead of Pursell on a lap fourteen restart.

Otherwise she is busy running back in forth from the pits to the URC novelty stand making sure everyone has everything they need. Pursell, a very colorful driver and individual added udc to victory lane by climbing the homestretch fence which stirred the crowd even more. Ckyle more information on this event or to pre-enter, please visit; www. Greg Coverdale was now racing in the runner-up spot and in a tight battle with Mark Bitner.

Jimmy Stitzel missed the races today, joining his wife during the delivery of their new baby daughter.

Cooyle lap five, Michael moved into second and went to work chasing down the leader. Others have tried, but it was URC that delivered the goods. Williamson holds the point lead with just a six point margin over two time defending champion Curt Michael.


Black Rock Speedway URC event returns.

Both drivers walked away uninjured. Although Welsh started on the pole, it was a hard fought battle as Brook Weibley made at least ten attempts to take the victory. On the agenda for this meeting is the review of race procedures, car teching schedule and the review of car specifications.

This series has amassed fifty-eight years of exciting and competitive sprint car history in our local area.

Pits open at 1 PM with race time set for 6 PM. Michael moved into second on lap fourteen and quickly made-up ground on the leader. It was a long wait, but cpyle show was well worth the time and anticipation and left the Penn Can crowd wanting more.

Chris Coyle – URC- United Racing Club | Winged Sprints

Hogue walked away uninjured but the car suffered extensive damage. Three races and three different winners. This event was originally to take place on Friday, June chriss, but a late day thunderstorm cancelled the first ever National sprint event at the Grove. On lap four the first caution of the event was displayed for Chris Coyle who stopped in turn two.

By lap eighteen, Michael was all over the leader with lapped traffic just ahead. The car specification rules were designed to have little to no additional costs to run this event and at the same time, have both groups competing on a level playing field.