This is an improvement for the game that makes it playing more enjoyable on your display. For anyone having trouble getting the music to work without FF7 music running, make sure that this is set in your config: Install the mod manager for Fallout: I don’t have a back up of the original window. It also fixes the speed issues for the mini-games through limiting the frames, among other things. The native ogg support is juste amazing and change it all! Please login or register.

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Save in creative mode of Minecraft How To: PS1 can’t do p. View Profile View Posts.

Bad graphics :: FINAL FANTASY VII General Discussions

S can you help me out here? I’m not getting Custom Driver as an option in the config upon a second look, so that’s probably why but I’m not sure WHY I’m not getting it. Showing 1 – 7 of 7 comments. If you already have backup saves up until save Don’t call people names or make personal attacks.


Red46 Fast newbie Posts: If you kick the minigames out of the Iro files every thing should work. Nice work Aali, gonna start testing it now geaphics, works great on my laptop now as well thank you, Controller still not working in FF8. What pisses me off is that these mods have been around for quite some time. Have you experimented to make the cache bigger?

Bootleg: A MOD tool for PC version of Final Fantasy VII

I understand that removing this option enable a better debugging but when one want to play through the game, it really is distracting. Start a new discussion. Those are both good ideas, I’ll check them out and see what works.

Last edited by Sephrax ; Oct 5, 6: To be grapjics if Aali’s server ever comes back up. Links to, or requests, for ROMs, and posts explicitly promoting piracy, aren’t allowed. Extract the archive into your ff7 or ff8 folder FF7: Asshiah on It works when I remove the world texture pngs.

Your game seems to be stretched quite a bit too Kal.

The working link is http: Hey I extraced everything ali the directory, had the 1. DLPB on Crap, I’ll play with it some more than.


Remember that there may be people reading that are new to the franchise! Covarr on Whups, figured it out.


Suare Enix seems seemed? Aali’s custom graphics driver is exactly what it says in the title. Hey guys, first of all this site is amazing. Working well here on my radeon cistom Catalyst To get most of the other mods working I made a clean install and redirected it to the directory defaulted on other versions all the same, sans x86 and in the standard prog files insteadwhich enabled me to get PRP working.

I’ll try another fresh install and make gaphics back up this time, cant hurt.